Are you marching for International Women's Day or striking and boycotting in honor of A Day Without a Woman? Whether you are marching or striking or wish you could, you can participate in Pussyhat Global Virtual March! Let's join together in support and solidarity for women's rights! Put on your pussyhat, make a sign about where you are and what you are for and take a picture. Upload to social media using #pussyhatglobal. No social media? No problem! Send it to us at You can follow the march on social media or our homepage.



Looking for a translation of the original Pussy Power Hat? Check out Translations. Can you contribute a translation? Please do! You can send it to us here.

If there are other pieces of information you would like to translate, please do! 


Locations & Gatherings

Looking for local ally yarn stores to find pink yarn, learn to knit and get together at a Pussyhat Gathering?

Check out our LOCATIONS page for brick and mortar yarn stores and digital allies. Are you a looking to be an ally? You can literally be located anywhere in the world? Please sign up here

Check out our GATHERINGS page to host or join a Pussyhat Gathering event! 


Printed Matter

Want to print out some posters or fliers? Looking for some note or sign templates? Want some more background on Pussyhat Project? Check out our PRINTABLES page.

Spread the Word!

Whether you are a knitter, a marcher, both or neither, help spread the word!
Check out our blog post for some excellent ideas and GET INVOLVED!