Here is a collection of printable items to help you in making, giving, wearing, sharing and declaring Pussyhat!


Pussyhat 2019 Women's Poster

Want to spread the word about the Women's Marches happening across the country and the world? The backside of the poster has the Pussyhat pattern, how it works, and a note template


Pussyhat™ Project 2019 Flyer with Pattern!

The B-side of the poster. Here’s the whole thing!


Pussyhat Maker Note Template

Want to include a note with your beautiful work to connect with the person who will wear it? Here's one way.


Pussyhat Drop Off / Pick Up Sign

Are you a local yarn store or other organization that is organizing pick up and drop offs of pussyhats? Put this sign up to let everyone know!


Pussyhat Global Virtual Poster

Great for posting on social media!


Pussyhat™ Global Virtual March Flyer

Please feel free to share with friends to help explain how Pussyhat Project Global works!

pussy hat note 01.jpg

Knitter Note Template

A template for a note from a knitter to include with her beautiful hat to share a little bit about women's rights issues she cares about and contact information (if she wishes)


Virtual March Sign Template

Want to join the global virtual march on #pussyhatglobal? Make a sign sharing where you are from and what issue you care about. It can be any size. If you want a little guidance, you can start here. Take a picture of you wearing a Pussyhat and holding your sign. Share with the world!


Original Pussyhat™ Project Manifesto with Pattern

Looking for the original document? Here it is! Learn more about Pussyhat Pattern!