For those of you who prefer to sew, we welcome sewn PINK polar fleece car ear hats too!  Here is a link to a free sewing pattern as suggested by your sister in the Pussyhat revolution, Alison H. (note, we are not affiliated with this link).

Check out Marcy's Simple Fleece Pussyhat pattern.

For those who are interested in a pinned ear- AJ Conroy has shared this pattern!

Celia, an awesome 15 year old from Michigan, has contributed this pattern.  

Julie from Michigan has a simple, but fun, fleece pattern.

Katie Ryan and GOOD.IS covered Pussyhat Project and made a great DIY video. As Ryan says, "Check out the video below to learn how to make yourself a hat in the time it actually takes to ironically watch The Bachelor."   Here's a link to the full article: 

Thank you for being as excited about this as we are! For the original manifesto, click the button below to download the PDF:

Please explore the site for more patterns, some made especially for the Pussyhat Project, some donated!  If you would like to share your Pussyhat™ pattern (whether knit, crochet, sew, loom knit) with the movement, please prepare a PDF and write to us using the contact page!

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