Want your Pussyhat in a Museum?

Your voice matters!

We would love to hear your story surrounding Pussyhat Project and the Women's March. If you are a maker, marcher, both or neither, we want to learn more. 

Why ask right now?  The Victoria & Albert Museum is looking to acquire a few more Pussyhats. The one they currently have is in so much demand, they are looking for additional ones. The more you share with us, the more we can help them find the Pussyhats and stories they are looking to include.  Your work may become part of the V&A collection!

Here’s a link to the survey. (Please note: though we will share responses, we will not include your contact information with the V&A until we have your permission)

Share this with anyone you know who took part in the project. If you have difficulty, please send an email to hello@pussyhatproject.com.

Thank you always for all of your participation.

In Solidarity,


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