Here is the official crocheted Pussyhat pattern by Kat Coyle of The Little Knittery in California!  Ideal for beginners!

Here is a lovely crochet pattern made especially for the Pussyhat Project by Wendy Anderson of West Coast Fibre Arts in Canada.

If you want to crochet with thicker yarn, check out this pattern by Anna and Waejong of Loopy Mango. They created this crochet pattern for Pussyhat crocheters - thank you ladies for releasing this pattern.  This pattern is for their Merino No 5 wool (comes in Rose Pink and Spicy Hot Pink!) and will work with any chunky yarn.

Here is a Tunisian Crochet pattern from Karen Clements!

Thank you for being as excited about this as we are! For the original manifesto, click the button below to download the PDF:

Please explore our site for more patterns, some made especially for the Pussyhat Project™, some donated!  If you would like to share your Pussyhat pattern (whether knit, crochet, sew, loom knit) with the movement, please prepare a PDF and write to us using the contact page!

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