Dear Amazing Yarn Store,

Pussyhat Project aims to activate women across the world to knit hats for International Women’s Day / A Day Without a Woman March 8, 2017.  The hope is to make a BIG unified statement at the marches with the people gathered together creating a seas of pink, as well as giving women who cannot go to the march a chance to participate and "be there."  

When a woman knits a hat, she will be keeping a marcher warm, and when a marcher wears this handmade hat, the marcher will be representing the person at home who made it.  It's a beautiful connection. And, every person who is marching will be representing not only herself, but also the maker of her hat.

Understanding that some of the March 8 events include not only marches but also a larger strike, we are proposing a way to make that absence a presence felt online. Pussyhat Global Virtual March is for marchers and those who wish they could march to come together from around the world. We ask that a person puts on her pussyhat in support and solidarity for women’s rights, holds up a sign saying where she is from/what she is for (if she wishes) and posts a picture of herself with #pussyhatglobal on social media.

As a local yarn store, you are an incredible resource and would love to have you join the Pussyhat Project community. Would you consider becoming an ALLY?

We have a page on our website called "LOCATIONS" listing your business - its address, phone number, and website. At your store, we ask that you print out a copy of our flier and the pattern (we have translations in multiple languages) and put it in a prominent place, and perhaps have extra copies available for people to pick up.  If you could knit a sample of the hat to let people know what it looks like and place it next to the Pattern, plus a pile of the pink yarn you sell - we know it will attract attention and hopefully sell yarn!  We also ask that you blast info about the Pussyhat Project across your website, newsletter, across social media, and of course, good ole' word of mouth!

This is what that collaboration would look like:

If you've ever been to your bank's website, you might notice they list their different branches and services they offer, for example "ATM drive up" "sells stamps" "wheelchair accessible."  Similarly, we want to let knitters know what "services" your location offers the knitters of the Pussyhat Project.  Here is a list below, and if you want to be involved, please fill out the form on this page and let us know which of the "services" you want knitters to know you provide, and we will add that to your listing on our website.


A) Beginners Welcome

This means that beginner knitters can come by during business hours or help. Some beginners will need to buy a whole "start up" kit from you and will need help getting the right supplies.

B) Knit Parties / Knit Alongs 

You will be having gatherings to make Pussyhats together - a great way to bring together the community at your store!

C) Promotions

You will be having discounts for Pussyhat knitters - for example, you might want to offer 10% off pink yarn if people make a Pussyhat - the details of the promotion are up to you.

D)  Drop point

This means you are willing to collect hats from knitters in your area (i.e. knitters see that you are a drop point and will come by during business hours to drop off their knitted hats).  Another responsibility of being a drop point is connecting with your local marchers and giving them their hats to wear.  It could be as easy as finding a "head" marcher, giving her the hats, and letting her distribute them to her group.  You getting the hats to marchers is a MAJOR help for the project.  If you exhaust all these options and cannot find local marchers, at that point you are welcome to box the hats get in touch with us and we will help you find someone who can receive and distribute them. For the Women’s March this was never an issue!

E) Pick up point

This means you are willing to let marchers local to your area know that they can come by your store to pick up a hat. (We will encourage them to call ahead to make sure there are hats available at the time.)

F)  $ Donations Accepted 

We have some people who want to buy yarn for knitters. These generous donors can call an ALLY business listed on our website and offer to buy yarn.  You will accept their payment of yarn, and then give that yarn to someone at the store who wants to knit pussyhats.

If you are interested in being an ALLY please write back with a big fat YES! and let us know which "services" you want me to list under your business.  If you have other ideas for "services" to list please let us know that as well. 

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

Pussyhat Project

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