Are you hosting an event you want to share widely? Add it here! It could be a Pussyhat Gathering, a march, rally or strike where you want to bring knitters together in pussyhat resistance. Are you an official local brick-and-mortar or online ally and want to add an event?  You can add your event here, too!  For a list of out local allies, please check out our LOCATIONS page!

Note: Always be careful!

As with anything on the internet, always be careful. Choose to host or go to events in a public place or a place you trust. Bring a friend! Charge your phone! If something doesn't feel right, don't do it! This is a place where hosts can list their own events- we have not vetted them. We understand that different cultures have different safety issues- we know that some groups may not be able to publicly list their events.  

What's a Pussyhat Gathering? 

Pussyhat Gatherings are an opportunity for people to come together and make pussyhats - symbols of solidarity and support for women's rights.

By getting together, making and giving pussyhats, you are creating community and helping create a strong powerful statement.  

In honor of International Women's Day and A Day Without a Woman (March 8, 2017), Pussyhat Project invites everyone, everywhere to join Pussyhat Global Virtual March. It's an opportunity to share with feminists around the world what you care about. Share information about local issues or global ones. The more we see and know, the more we can support each other.

How to participate in the Pussyhat Virtual Global March:

1. Wear your pussyhat,

2. Declare where you are and what women's rights issues is important to you and

3. Share a picture of you wearing your pussyhat and holding your sign and post to social media using #pussyhatglobal, or email it to us at

Watch the Virtual March on our homepage:!