March info here.

Are you wondering if there is a march happening near you? Women’s March National has been putting together a fantastic list together.

Gather here.

Are you hosting an event you want to share widely? Add it here! It could be a Pussyhat™ Gathering, a march, rally or strike where you want to bring knitters together in Pussyhat™ resistance. Are you an official local brick-and-mortar or online ally and want to add an event?  You can add your event here, too!  For a list of out local allies, please check out our LOCAL ALLIES page!

Note: Always be careful!

As with anything on the internet, always be careful. Choose to host or go to events in a public place or a place you trust. Bring a friend! Charge your phone! If something doesn't feel right, don't do it! This is a place where hosts can list their own events- we have not vetted them. We understand that different cultures have different safety issues- we know that some groups may not be able to publicly list their events.  

What's a Pussyhat™ Gathering? 

Pussyhat™ Gatherings are an opportunity for people to come together and make Pussyhats™ - symbols of solidarity and support for women's rights.

By getting together, making and giving Pussyhats, you are creating community and helping create a strong powerful statement.  


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