Loopy Mango and AlexCreates - Yarn Makers for Women's Rights

Speaking of Superpowers, we want to introduce you to some super people who A) make yarn and B) are excited about The Pussyhat Project! Meet Anna Pulvermakher and Waejong Kim of Loopy Mango, and Alex Reynoso of AlexCreates.

Anna and Waejong run cult favorite yarn brand Loopy Mango. They have generously released 3 knit and crochet patterns for their Kitty Hat for free - find them on our page PATTERNS. In addition they are giving a discount on their website for Big Loop yarn in cotton candy pink. Big Loop Yarn is the thickest yarn available on the market today and made in the USA! It is made at their mill in Key Largo, Florida and is 100% domestic merino wool. Check out their DIY Kit - perfect for Pussyhat beginners. We will be posting their fab video tutorials very soon, so beginners rejoice!

Alex Reynoso learned how to knit in 2011 at age 14 from youtube videos, 5 years later he runs his own business out of his mom's Harlem apartment! We are so touched that he is offering a discount on 2 of his pink yarns "Wanda's Fuchsia" and "Radioactive Grapes." Use code "pussyhat" for an $8 discount. His ombre yarns are hand dyed in his NYC apartment kitchen using professional acid dyes that are colorfast. He uses custom milled yarn from a NY mill with US grown merino.

If you are a yarn maker standing up for women's rights through the Pussyhat Project, please contact us through our CONTACT page so we can share your good deeds! We do not endorse any one yarn as the official Pussyhat pink yarn, but we would love to share your info with our knitters and crocheters!