What's Your Superpower? Why You're Like Krysten Ritter

(Letter from Pussyhat Project co-founder Krista Suh)

Dear Team Pussyhat,

I want to drop in on the blog every so often to get all emotional on you. So, last week, within a few days of launch, The Pussyhat Project was reposted by Krysten Ritter - super talented actress AND avid knitter! (check out her hashtag #krystenknitter on instagram!). Krysten plays superheroine Jessica Jones on the Netflix show of the same name. I love the show - I see it as a story of a person with superpowers fighting for women's rights.

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones as imagined by French illustrator  Mahulda Jelly .

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones as imagined by French illustrator Mahulda Jelly.

It got me thinking that everyone in the Pussyhat Project is lending their particular superpower to the movement. For example, Kat Coyle was a professional pattern maker before opening her own yarn store, and when I asked her to make a pattern for the Pussyhat Project - she lit up with excitement. She got to support a cause she believed in while using her particular superpower (she has many!).

I asked Aurora Lady via email to do artwork for the project, and she wrote back to me immediately, "Girl, call me!" Aurora's talents are PERFECT for this project, I am continually amazed by how she gives life to our vision with her beautiful artwork.

And now I have the pleasure and honor of seeing women around the nation and the world jumping in with their superpowers to support women's rights. Knitters are knitting, crocheters are crocheting, and sewers are sewing! People are spreading the word with passion and eloquence. Patternmakers are writing up alternate patterns to help. Local yarn stores are planning knit parties and guiding beginners. Community leaders are connecting local marching groups headed to D.C. with local knitting groups to help with the transfer of hat to wearer! Senior groups, college students, and other locals in the D.C. area are offering to help distribution efforts the week of the march! 

Thank you for lending your superpowers for The Pussyhat Project. Thank you for HONING your superpowers all these years, thank you for being you. We need you more than ever now, and thank you for showing up.

Please continue spreading the word about The Pussyhat Project so other people can share their superpowers as well! (Doesn't it feel GOOD?)

Much love,

Krista Suh