Where is the pattern on ravelry.com so I can link my hat to it on Ravlery?

The pattern:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pussyhat-project

The group:  http://www.ravelry.com/groups/pussyhat-project

See you on Ravelry!

Can I use a different pattern?  Can I crochet the Pussyhat instead?  Can sewers sew pink polar fleece cat ear Pussyhats? Can I loom it instead?

YES!  Please just make sure that at the end of the day it is a PINK hat made with love. Any shade of pink. Any style of hat.  It can have cat ears or pom-poms or whatever you like (though we are partial to the cat ears!)  The only requirement is that it be a pink hat so that the marchers in Washington D.C. can make a unified statement.

Knitters, crocheters, seamstresses, loom knitters, et al are ALL welcome!  Thank you for contributing your talents to supporting women's rights.

Is there a crochet pattern for us crocheters?

YES! Please check the site under PATTERNS, under CROCHET, for the new crochet pattern!  We love our single-needle ladies, our co-founder Jayna is partial to crochet as well.

Is there a god place for a beginner knitter/crocheter to ask questions?

YES! There are so many people here to help you. If you need more instruction than what you see under PATTERNS, you can reach out to another knitter, post on social media, go to knit along at one of our LOCATIONS, or ask on our ravelry group page:  http://www.ravelry.com/groups/pussyhat-project

Is there a deadline to get #pussyhats to your Reston, VA collection site address?

Please account for shipping times and get your hat to our D.C.-area collection point (in Reston VA) by January 14, 2017.  This will allow us enough time to distribute the hats in Washington D.C. If you want to keep making hats, get in touch with a marcher to connect and pass along your hats directly through her/him.

How can I get a hat?

Check GET INVOLVED! on our website to see how you can help with the efforts of matching hat-maker with hat-wearer. Also look at LOCATIONS to see if there's a yarn store near you that is an official #pussyhat Pick Up Point for marchers (we are currently adding more locations every day). We also encourage you to continue spreading the word - perhaps ask a knitter in your life to knit you a #pussyhat, or visit your local yarn store to tell them about the project and ask if they know a knitter who'd be willing to make you a #pussyhat :)  You could offer to buy the necessary supplies like yarn and needles for the knitter.  You can also blast across social media a link to our website with a note:  "This project is so cool will someone make me a #pussyhat please?" :D  Part of the joy of the project is connecting to other women and men who support women's rights in a fresh surprising and warm way.  We encourage marchers to get a hat before they get to D.C. but we will also be distributing hats in D.C. the week of the march!

Where can I learn more about the Women's March on Washington D.C. on January 21, 2017?

Check out their national facebook page to start - from there you can find your state facebook page.  Their official website is:  https://www.womensmarch.com/

Can men wear pussyhats?

Absolutely! Anyone who supports women's rights is welcome and encouraged to wear a pussyhat.

What about local marches?  Why not knit #pussyhats for our local march instead?

First we are concentrating on getting enough hats to D.C. - 1 million handmade hats is a lot - these are not machine made hats from a factory in in China, these are handmade hats made by people around the country with care and effort.  We want to concentrate on D.C. because all our iconic government landmarks are there and we believe that the D.C. march will make the most impact.  Let's say 1 million hats are made and they are spread out in cities around the nation - that won't make nearly the same impact as all of them in D.C. being caught on camera and broadcast to the world.  If we end up with MORE hats than needed in D.C. (which will be wonderful!!!) we will start a push to get hats made for local marches as well.  If we have a huge surplus in D.C. we can also ship extra hats to nearby cities with marches.  I hope this answers your question!  Keep your eye out for updates, because in about a month's time if we DO have more than 1 million hats in D.C. already we will certainly start to push to other cities as well!  And in the meantime, we love that many knitters are knitting lots of pussyhats to donate to D.C. marchers and knitting a couple for themselves to wear at home!


What should I do with my #pussyhat after the Women's March?

1. We hope you continue to wear your pussyhat loudly and proudly everywhere and anywhere for years to come. Be prepared to don your pussyhat for future marches.

2. If you do not want your pussyhat after the march, please give it to a feminist who will wear it loudly and proudly.

3. The Michigan State University Museum iscollecting stories, selfies, pussyhats, and other items related to women’s participation in the Women’s March in Washington, DC, and in Lansing, Michigan. Please consider donating your stuff and the stuff of your memories to the MSU Museum to document this historic event.  Before you send anything, please contact Shirley Wajda, Curator of History, 517.432.4582 or (better) wajdashi@msu.edu

4. Bring your pussyhat back to your hometown and give it to someone who needs it to keep warm.