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If you would like to support the project in this way, we thank you so much!  Please note that donations are NOT tax-deductible.  We are a grass-roots organization, and we are currently not a 501(c)(3) organization.  Your gift is considered by the IRS as a non-tax-deductible gift to an individual person Krista Suh (co-founder of The Pussyhat Project), who promises to use the donations toward the Pussyhat Project and its goals.  Donations are used for most-needed areas such as direct costs (some listed below).

Website needs and Applications to support our newsletter (currently with +10,000 people signed up!)

  • Squarespace website fees:  $216/year
  • SumoMe and Convertikit:  app. $333/month or $4000/year
  • Domain name:  $20/year
  • Email hosting:  $50/year

Washington D.C. anticipated distribution costs:

  • Parking:  $300
  • Permit:  $200
  • Gasoline:  $300
  • Volunteer food/drink:  $300
  • Boxes:  $300
  • Safety pins/ziplocs for notes and hats:  $200
  • Light box (for photography):  $200
  • Storage (dropbox, photography):  $100
  • Signage:  $200

Thank You!