Pussyhat Project and Women's March Weekend (January 20-21, 2018)

Hello Pussyhat Community,

A giant thank you to everyone, everywhere who has participated in Pussyhat Project. Whether you are a knitter (crocheter, sewer, etc), marcher, both, or a participant in some other way, thank you!

Women’s March Weekend is coming up January 20-21, 2018. Marches, rallies, and voter drives are being planned across the country, and the world. Wondering where to march? We are hosting and continuing to update a list of 2018 Local Women’s Marches on our website. The information comes from you. If you share details about any events you are aware of, we will share it on the website.

Pussyhat Project is about creating a way for anyone, anywhere to be able to take part. Whether or not you are able to march, you can tangibly show your support. Last year, in just 60 days, we were able to create seas of pink at the 2017 Women’s Marches and connect women’s rights supporters across the country, and the world. These handmade gifts became a symbol of solidarity and support for women’s rights and political resistance. We did it! Together!

womens-march-pink-1024x676 (1).jpg

2018 is a big year politically in the United States: we have 468 Congressional seats up for grabs, 39 gubernatorial races, and many critical local elections. We were reminded in 2017 that every vote matters. Let’s start 2018 off together, supporting each other and setting the tone for continued action. We all know there is so much work to be done, and with our efforts we will once again turn the Women’s Marches into seas of pink to visibly demonstrate our collective support of the idea that women’s rights are human rights.

Let’s put on the Pussyhats we have, and knit and gift more! Let’s come together and prepare for 2018 and beyond. Patterns (knitcrochetsew, and translations), note templates and flyersmarch information, and local yarn store allies can be found on our website.

Almost anytime is a good time to wear a Pussyhat, and the weekend of January 20-21, 2018 is a GREAT time.

Spread the word!

Pussyhat Project

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