For Knitters, Crocheters and Sewers - Here's What's Happening

Dear Knitter / Crocheter / Sewer,

Thank you for being a part of Pussyhat Project. There is no way we could do this without you. You are amazing. Because of your incredible work, Pussyhat Project is getting a lot of press and encouraging more people to join in the effort!



When you assemble your hat package, please include a note for the marcher. It’s a great opportunity to connect with those at the march and to let the wearer of your hat know more about you and have the opportunity to thank you for your awesome work.

If you are able, please put your hat with its note in a Ziploc bag. This will help us keep your hat package dry and together. The marcher can also reuse the bag.


We are making sure that each pussyhat that is made will be on a marcher’s head.  Please register your hat(s) here so we can have a clearer estimate of the number of hats coming into our collection point in Reston, VA and the number coming directly with marchers. This will help us plan for the number of volunteers we need, number of trucks, etc. We expect the day of the march to be somewhat hectic, so we have plans, backup plans and backup plans to our backup plans.

Here some things to consider when you register. We take your privacy seriously. We will never give out your full address or email. We would like to give credit to all of our amazing participants and hope to publish the following information from the registry on our website – first name/last initial, city/state and number of hats. If you would like to register anonymously, that’s ok, too! If, when you register, you have difficulty in uploading photos, hold onto them and we will have a good address to send them to soon.


You can bring the hats with you if you are marching, give hats directly to a marcher, or drop them off at a drop site (call to find out their specific deadline). Our deadline to send hats to our Reston, VA address was today. If your hats are on their way to Reston, VA we are happy to collect them. Just know, the later they arrive, the more difficult it is for us to distribute them.

We prefer you register your hat and send it to DC with a marcher so we can have as many people ready to go with pussyhats as early as possible. It also means you may have a few extra days to keep making hats!

We will take good care of your hats whichever channel you use. 

What are some ways you can get hats to marchers if you can’t think of anyone going to the march?

1.     Post your gorgeous work on social media and ask if anyone wants to take your pussyhats to the DC march (a marcher can take many and distribute on your behalf). When you post, include your city and state. That way, a marcher near you can easily connect and save you a trip to the post office!

2.     Give your hat directly to a marcher. There are buses of marchers from around the country going to DC. Contact the one closest to you and see if they can take your pussyhats



Now that you have sent your wonderful pussyhats to DC, do you feel like making more? We do! There are currently 370 sister marches planned for January 21. There is probably a march happening near you (  If you cannot make it to a local march, there may be a marcher who would love to represent you.

Thank you for being an essential part of Pussyhat Project!

In solidarity,

Jayna and Krista