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The success of the Pussyhat Project depends on the involvement of organizations like yours. Please provide us with your contact information below so we can stay in touch and keep you up to date on the latest news and activities. See the message at the end of this form if you need additional explanation of the information we are requesting.

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Are you willing to serve as a collection point for completed Pussyhats and be a Pussyhat pick-up location?
We need locations where knitters can drop off completed Pussyhats to be distributed by you to people at the Women's March in your area. If there is no march in your area, we'd like you to pack them up and send to marches in other areas (We'll help you select one). Also, people who want a Pussyhat can come to your store and get a free hat made by someone else.
Does your organization have knit-alongs/knitting parties?
Does your organization offer introductory knitting classes?