It’s because of you that Pussyhat became an iconic symbol of support and solidarity for women’s rights. Thank you!

We want to harness the energy, passion and activism expressed at Women’s Marches around the world. We want to create more ways to give voice to those who may feel voiceless and give power to those who may feel powerless. To move forward and achieve real gender parity, we need to listen and lift up everyone who has been marginalized.


The more funding we can raise, the more we do. Consider what the Pussyhat has meant to you.

Here are our three areas of focus:




There are many wonderful that make up the women’s movement. It can be hard to know where to begin to find information. We want to establish the Pussyhat Network™ as the information resource hub for all facets of women’s rights, a kind of one-stop starting point on the web where people can go to get information about various activities and groups involved across the women’s movement.

Connect and Learn!

Grants and Scholarships


There are many ideas out there with the potential to be transformative and change people’s minds and perceptions about important issues. We want to support these projects and help bring them to life. In line with the idea that anyone can participate and everyone is welcome, we plan to extend these grants to include people of all ages, education levels

Generate ideas and Give Back!

Design Incubator

design incubator.jpg

Created to develop and cultivate design projects created both in house and through the design grant program (if appropriate). Pussyhat Project as you know it will be run from the incubator. One exciting idea we’re working on now is the Welcome Blanket.

Create and Develop!

Are you so excited you are ready to help make this happen?